Lisbon, Portugal

May 2013 - Iberian Cruise” We all rushed into town to find the wonderful treat of a yarn shop that is Retrosaria.  Rosa Pomar gave us a quick lesson in the Portuguese knitting style and we all had a great time shopping from her small but excellent selection of international and local yarns. Rosa and her shop assistant were delightful hosts!

Then off on a walking tour of town, Rosa offered up a suggestion for her favourite haberdashery shop in one of the main squares.  She indicated in her instructions to take the Elevator (wish we had known about this before walking up the steep hill on the way to Retrosaria’s!), and near a hospital (which after some confusion we discovered was actually a Doll Hospital!!).  After a quick peek in this hard to find shop, we proceeded through a main shopping and tourist street to the Haberdashery District, which had a number of shops with ribbons, trims and buttons!!” — Paula

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