So you live in a Deluxe Apartment in the sky .. what next .. you need ‘STORAGE’

For Paula and I the storage issues are more like a George Carlin comedy routine on “Stuff”.  For those of you don’t know what I am talking about .. search for “George Carlin Stuff”  and you might find a few youtube links to his classic “stuff” routine.   Its true you fill all the space you have with stuff and eventually need a bigger place to store all your stuff.

Photo taken at Romni Wools a great place to replenish your slash

Photo taken at Romni Wools a great place to replenish your slash

This brings me to Paula … my Li’l Red KettleHead  is an avid knitter and fibre artist, so one really big thing you need to know is that ‘Knitters’ and ‘Fibre Artists’ have a lots of stuff.  Knitting needles,  Swedish Wooden Swift, Skein Winder, Ball Winder, project bags, books, patterns, blocking matts, knitting machines, die pots, drying racks, and boxes and boxes and boxes of Yarn and Wool.   Avid knitters such as those who log their stuff  (which they call Stash) on Ravery ( have a neat term for a ridiculous amount of stuff they stash;  SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy).  Yah

As for me I collect and store different stuff like Camping gear, Electronics, Cameras, Amateur Radio Equipment etc…   So between Paula and I, we fill our storage to SABLE capacity.

So how does someone living in a small condo apartment in Toronto manage?    Not sure .. but Camper Ken has managed all these years through cacheing bits with his family, girlfriend and yes from time to time with Paula and I.  (As if we didn’t have enough stuff.)


Not Camper Ken’s real car.

To that end I was visiting Kerstin Kerr’s Alpaca Avenue Yarn and Gift Shoppe with Paula and discovered a perfect place for Camper Ken to store his Summer Slicks and Winter Snow Tires for his fancy sports cars.   Directly behind the retail yarn and gift shop is one of Toronto’s most popular auto tire storage services run by Bryon Kerr “The Tire Storage Guy”.  In the past Ken has used full service auto garages that offer on site storage services located in Mississauga.  But since moving to Toronto, the idea of having a local services that will pick up and drop off your tires to a dealership or garage of your convenience is perfect.

But one thing we can all agree on is space is limited and either you need to prune your stuff down to a manageable size, buy a bigger place or rent additional storage.

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