Nikon D5 and Nikon D500

For years now I have been following the rumours that Nikon will be replacing their DX Pro-Photo body D300s.  Most the rumour did not hold water and others spoke to Nikon abandoning the use of the DX APC Format Sensor for Professional use, focusing its DX lenses portfolio solely on the consumer market.

Well a few months back a new rumour emerged that Nikon had been reconsidering entering back into the professional space with a new Camera.   Well … Nikon just announced both a new DX and FX professional cameras.



Nikon D500

The DX Format Nikon D500 DX-format Digital SLR Body is available at Adorama for pre-order for $1,996.95

Pre-order here: Adorama D500


D5Nikon D5

The FX Format Nikon D5 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body (CF Version) and D5 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body (XQD Version). Adorama for pre-order for $6,496.95

Pre-order here: Adorama D5 (CF version) and D5 (XQD version)


I make use of a Nikon D300s for Ice Hockey action shot and my D800 for high resolution photos and 1080HD Video.  Given the specs of the D5 and D500,  I will consider adding a D500 body to replace my aging D300s for Ice Hockey action photos; and add a D5 body for shooting 4K video with my FX lenses.

Nikon press releases here:
Nikon D5 and Nikon D500

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